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Red Wines

Grizzly Red Zinfandel - Old   vine zinfandel   dry, sturdy and bold.
Big Eagle Spirit Malbec - Full   bodied, dark red wine full of flavor.
Five  Civilized Tribes -  a special house blend of 5 of our favorite dry red wines.  
Howling Wolf Shiraz  - Dry  wine with a spicy berry bouquet and black pepper, lightly oaked.
Laughing Coyote Cabernet Sauvignon - Firm and full of berry and black current flavors with a peppery aroma.
Gentle Deer Pinot Noir - Medium bodied wine with cherry, black currents and spice.
Sly Fox Merlot - Smooth red wine with soft, fruity flavors and a hint of oak.
Choctaw Red Tempranillo - Full-bodied, but nicely balanced dry Tempranillo.
Dream Catcher - Ripe Raspberry flavor blended with the lush richness of the Merlot grape.
Fancy Dancer - Irresistible pomegranate flavored wine combined with the Zinfandel grape.
Kokopelli Mischief - Sweet ripe blueberry flavor combined with a Pinot Noir grape.
Raven's Magic - Robust, blackberry flavor joined with a full body cabernet sauvignon.
Sangria Sunrise - Sweet and refreshing mixture of natural fruit and berry flavors.
Sarah's Spirit - Black cherry flavored pinot noir.
**Proceeds go to the Sarah Owen Memorial Scholarship fund at the University of Oklahoma.
Zinfully Chocolate - Our red Zinfandel wine sweetened and flavored with dark chocolate.

Blush Wines

Dragonfly Blush - Light, easy to drink White Merlot with a strawberry flavor.
Mystical Melon - Sweet white merlot with watermelon flavorings.
Native Sunset - Raspberry flavored sweet blush, light and refreshing.

White Wines


Soaring Thunderbird Chardonnay   -   Fruit   enveloped   in   a   vanilla-laden   oak   finish.    Slightly   buttery   with   hints   of   toast   and   spice.
Snowy   Owl   Pinot   Grigio   -   Light,   refreshing off dry wine with a crisp finish.
White Buffalo Sauvignon Blanc - Full bodied dry white wine with a crisp, clear finish.


Butterfly Breeze Chardonnay - Medium sweet peach chardonnay.
Hummingbird's Kiss - Blend of white cranberries and Pinot Grigio grapes.
Mockingbird Moscato - Refreshing with flavors of peach and tropical fruit flavors.
Dancing Firefly - Light, sweet strawberry flavored riesling.

Norman Transcript 2017 Reader's Choice winner for Best Winery
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